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 Part 3 

Program of the variety theater "Sasino de Рарис"


In 1910, Lviv was the capital of the Polish Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And as befits the capital, it developed and changed very rapidly. Theaters occupied a special place in the cultural life of the residents, the vast majority of whom were Poles, Jews and Ukrainians. With a population of slightly more than 200,000 inhabitants, there were several theaters: the City Theater (a modern opera house), the Colosseum (located in the alley of Kulisha St., the building has not been preserved), the Skarbek Theater (a modern theater named after Maria Zankovetska). But in addition to large theaters, there were variety shows in the city in cafes and restaurants...

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Original photos, additional materials

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